We purchased two bicycles for the boys at a yard sale.  We wanted the boys to learn to ride a bicycle and knew they wouldn’t have the opportunity to learn in Yaounde.  The price was right – $30 for both bikes.  Since Jonah’s had training wheels on it, he could hop right on and go, but Joshua needed to learn how to ride without training wheels.  He set his mind to it and worked hard until he could also go.  After he thought he had it mastered, he started weaving with the handle bars and quickly felt the pain of a bike crash.  After the pain subsided and his bruised ego was on the mend, he hopped back on.

Jonah was determined that if his brother can ride without training wheels; he can too.  It didn’t take long before he took off on two wheels.

We are so proud of the boys and love seeing the joy and pride on their faces.

Today in Sunday school we talked about how God is always there, regardless if we feel His presence.  I couldn’t help but think of how we, as parents, were always there for the boys in this bike learning.  At first we held on to the back of the bikes to keep it steady while they learned how to balance on the  bike.  We slowly would let go and watch as they started out and eventually let go as they wobbled and learned.  We were still there watching them, but not holding the bike to keep it steady.  We were watching when Joshua crashed and scraped his elbow and hand.  We helped clean him off, but also knew it was part of the learning experience.  It made me think that our heavenly Father is right there, He sees me crash and burn and wants me to run to Him to be cleaned off.  Lately, I’ve felt like I can’t take anymore of these spills, but desperately want Neosporin and a Band Aid, however, I also know that He is always with me.

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3 Responses to Bicycles

  1. Mom says:

    Go boys! Proud of you!

  2. Pop-pop says:

    I am so proud of the boys, and their accomplishment. Way to go Joshua and Jonah. (And to mom for letting Jonah ride without training wheels – way to go mom!)

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