Getting gas

We were driving a Saturn Aura the other day to run some errands.  While we were out and about, we noticed the fuel gauge was nearing E, so we decided to stop and put some gas in it.  David pulled up to the pump and looked to his left on the floor for a button to pop the gas cover.  No button.  He looked at the gas cover door and it wasn’t a manual open cover.  He asked me to look in the glove box for a button.  No button.  David looked at all the buttons on the steering wheel, around the dash and the driver’s door.  No button.  We had searched so much that a woman had time to pull up and ask David for directions to a nearby store.  After much searching, David had the idea to push on the gas cover door and sure enough the cover popped open.  We couldn’t contain our laughter and although the car didn’t come out while we were away in Cameroon, it was a cultural shock to have so many troubles figuring out how to open a gas cover door. I guess we got used to someone pumping our gas, in Cameroon there is always someone at the gas pump to pump your gas and figure out how to open up the gas cover door.

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1 Response to Getting gas

  1. Pop-pop says:

    When all else fails, check the owners manual in the glove box. 🙂

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