Our version of Snow

We know many of you are experiencing winter and snow.  We don’t have winter, but are very cold when the temperatures drop to the mid to upper 60’s and we put blankets on the bed and wear jackets.  We would probably have hypothermia if exposed to a real winter.  Right now we are having the hot, dry season.  It hasn’t rained one drop since late October or early November plus it is harmattan time, which is when the winds blow across the Sahara Desert and brings dust riding on the clouds and drops a thin layer everywhere.  Walking and driving up and down our dirt streets is similar to walking and driving in snow.  The layer is anywhere from ½” – 1” thick and swirls around with the outer edges more deep.  Your feet slide around and your vehicle’s back end fish tails.  I shared with the boys how this is our version of snow and they took a little too literal and did make “snow angels” plus were throwing it in the air and letting it rain down upon them.  Those clothes took a lot of scrubbing with block soap to see the true color again.

Tracks in the dust, as close as we get to snow.


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4 Responses to Our version of Snow

  1. Mark Wissel says:

    That is fascinating. Does it accumulate over the years into dunes? That could be your version of sledding?

  2. Pop-pop says:

    So your choice is dust or mud? Which would you prefer?

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