2nd FES Olympiad

Three times a year there are sessions of school called FES (this is the time when village families come to Yaoundé and get to be in the classroom with others and taught by teachers, rather than homeschooled).  The first session is in August, the second in December and the final in April.  The school year starts with a FES session.  There are different focuses during FES and this particular session’s focus was Ancient Greece.  We had PE three times a week starting at 7:30 to prepare for the Olympics, which took place on August 31.  The Olympics started with a torch run from the compound where school is to the compound where we live that has a soccer field.  The games were opened in prayer and the events started.  Enjoy the pictures.

Medal Count

Joshua: Silver in Long Jump, Bronze in Hurdles, Bronze in Football Throw (his team ranked 2nd)

Jonah: Silver in Distance Run, Silver in Hurdles, Bronze in Sprints (his team ranked 1st)

David competed in the Parent Relay and enjoyed being part of the Olympic competition.

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1 Response to 2nd FES Olympiad

  1. Pop-Pol says:

    Great job boys. You are both going to be real track stars. (Of course you are both stars in grandpa’s bookd) Love to all. Pop-Pop & Nene

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