I, DeAnna, received a letter from my grandma yesterday.  It’s fun to read her letters about the things going on in their garden, during their days and the family gatherings that we can’t be present for.  This particular letter struck a chord with me about garden and food.  People will often say comments like, this is as good as grandma makes or this is my grandma’s recipe and it carries more weight than here is the recipe.  There are many foods that I miss that grandma does make, no one can recreate her homemade chocolate ice cream with little flecks of chocolate or her sweet corn and there are many more.  In her letter she asked if we have zucchini available here because she has always liked and misses a zucchini pie that I make.  Wow!  She’s missing things that I make, just like I miss things she makes.


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2 Responses to Grandma

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Well DeAnna, you are a great cook. Love the picture of the girls with grandma.

  2. Denise says:

    DeAnna, this is so special! Wonderful memories! Great post.

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