First day of School

School started last Monday and it’s so hard to believe our boys are in 1st & 3rd grades!  Our school year starts with a time called FES.  This is when families who live in villages and home school their children come into Yaoundé and all the students have class together and have extra-curricular activities.  Each FES session (there are 3 in a year) has its own distinct theme.  Our theme right now is ancient Greece.  The PE part of this session is training for the Olympic games.  They also have art and other fun activities to do while everyone is together.  The closing ceremonies will be the Olympic games and a marketplace type family activity.  The boys are off to a good start in their school year. Each family has to come up with a product that they barter and trade with the other families. Please give us your ideas on what a good product we can make to trade in Cameroon that has something to do with ancient Greece.

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2 Responses to First day of School

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    Well – you could always make and sell laurel wreaths (not sure if there is much laurel in Cameroon) because that is what the winners of Olympic events were awarded. Or, you could make javelins to barter with, as that was an ancient sport (though I’m pretty sure you don’t want to give Joshua and Jonah anything too sharp). Love the pictures of the boys.

  2. Mark Wissel says:

    I looked at our homeschool history book “Story of the World.” I read that the early Greeks were ship builders and olives seemed to be a staple. Have fun!

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