I’ve read many books before leaving in the States and after arriving in Cameroon about cultural adjustment, raising children in a different culture, stresses from living abroad, etc…  Something I thought I was providing in the way of lasting memories for Christmas sadly ended this year.  Due to a tropical environment with high humidity our homemade clay Christmas decorations from over the years had to be thrown out.  I was quite a blow for this planner type person.

A friend here made a banner for her family and I loved the idea.  I have been working on different projects since school ended and had many scraps of fabric.  I used the scraps and made a banner.  I plan on hanging this banner to decorate our home to mark it for special occasions.  I should be able to travel with it to try and help keep continuity.

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2 Responses to Banner

  1. Lisa says:

    love the banner! U r such a fun Mom! 🙂

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    Always working to build lasting memories for your family. Great job!

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