Video update

The following video was shared last Sunday at our home church in Missouri.

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6 Responses to Video update

  1. kzumalt says:

    Great video and glad to see everyone’s photos. Scratch from scratch, huh? The kids think it’s slow when I pop biscuits in the oven..

    We love you all- Ami and Dad

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    Awesome video. Thanks.

  3. Mark Wissel says:

    Your video was great. I feel like I visited your family for 10 minutes which is not enough. Still it did me well to get to know more about what daily life is like with the narrated pictures.
    We love you, Andersons,
    Mark, Laura, Kate and Audrey

  4. Drew Maust says:

    Thanks for sharing. We’re currently preparing to come to Cameroon and greatly appreciate catching a real life glimpse of it in your video. Blessings!

  5. Eric Wagner says:

    Nice! I really enjoyed that, thanks!

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