Where we live there is a shared laundry room for the 23 households and all of us have clothes lines in our yards to dry our clothes.  It never fails with a guava tree in the backyard that we have at least one article of clothing per load that gets soiled by birds.  Today wasn’t an exception, but something else happened making laundry time more exciting.  I folded the laundry as I took it down and neatly placed it in the laundry baskets.  When I came in to put the things away, a baby lizard was hiding out in one of the towels and ran across my arm.  I’m not scared of lizards, but I also don’t like the surprise of one coming out of a towel.  Fluffy was very happy for some excitement and played with it (tortured it) until it stopped moving.  He usually will torture cockroaches and centipedes too and those he leaves for us to discover in the mornings so he can show off his house cat abilities.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Never a dull moment!!!

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