Final visit to the pool

We promised the boys to return to the community swimming pool before leaving France, so today was the day.  I wanted to wear my special FRENCH bathing suit that I had purchased one more time as well. As we were walking to the pool, we saw a silver 2000 Chrysler Grand Voyager parked in an apartment complex for sale.  First of all, it is not common to see American mini-vans here and secondly, we had the same van (same year, make, model, color and close to the same mileage).  We named our van the silver bullet because we purchased it with cash while getting out of debt and we sold the silver bullet August 9, 2009 before moving to France.  It was strange to see silver bullet’s twin today walking along the street in Massy.

We knew on the walk to the pool that this was our final trip to the swimming pool and that’s good, because now DeAnna was the one not wearing the proper attire.  She has a swim suit with a skirt on it and was questioned while swimming since it isn’t a regular one piece or two piece suit. But we just thanked them for noticing and continued to swim. Then the lifeguard went back to texting on his phone the rest of the morning.

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1 Response to Final visit to the pool

  1. Pop-pop says:

    I’m glad you could take the boys swimming one more time. We are counting down the days with you. We love you.

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