Marche pour Jésus

Saturday we went into to Paris for the 22nd annual marche (French for the word Walk) for Jesus.  Here are a few pictures form the event. The French news reports that there were about 3000 people that walked through the streets. We did not make the entire walk since we had one little boy that fell asleep on daddy’s shoulders. But it was fun to sing the French worship songs as we walked the streets of Paris, I was amazed at how many people came out from the apartments to watch and take pictures of people walking down the street praying and worshiping.

This years official song was Leve Toi et Marche

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1 Response to Marche pour Jésus

  1. Pop-pop says:

    How cool! I remember many years ago participating in such a march in Harrisburg. How awesome to see people coming out of their homes to worship.

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