Today I walked to the pharmacy to see if they had anything that could replace our almost empty tube of Neosporin. I showed her the tube I wanted to replace and I thought she was going to call the police on me. I had just asked for a controlled substance without a prescription.  I know I looked a little confused not realizing that Neosporin is also an ANTIBIOTIC but I was going to see if they had some other type of ointment that could be used when there is a cut since I didn’t want to leave the Pharmacy empty handed.

Not knowing all the vocabulary on why I use Neosporin (I don’t really even think I know all the words in English for boo boo cream) I explained I use it before putting on a band-aid. Then she asked who the ointment was for, and since I didn’t have any boo boos I said that it was for Joshua, and then we had the 20 questions on why he needed it. Finally she gave me some cream I can use for skin irritations, but she really wanted to see the boo boo I was going to use if for before she gave it to me.

Lesson learned, don’t ask the pharmacy for boo boo cream without being prepared to show her the boo boo.

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  1. Pop-pol says:

    I’m so glad you didn’t need something for poinson ivy. Who knows what you would have to go through. Thankfully, Jesus heals all our boo boos, cream or not.

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