Puppet Show

We had two little boys that were looking for something to do on the day off so DeAnna build a puppet show stage for Jonah out of a box that she found. Then we downloaded some pictures of different monsters and tapped them to a piece of cardboard for puppets and voila instant puppet show stage and puppets for free! Jonah had fun pretending to have the monsters fight each other and it was fun to watch him hide behind his stage and act out the entire performance.

His brother was occupied with something else until he realized how much fun his brother was having being silly and making up monster stories. But the stage said Jonah’s Spectacle de Puppets which meant, at least to Jonah, that his brother could not play behind the stage. I suggested to Jonah that he hire his brother to work for him and he could share his monster puppets. Without blinking Jonah said OK to me and then he said to Joshua, “You can sell popcorn for my puppet show.”

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1 Response to Puppet Show

  1. Pop-Pop says:

    I guess Jonah will be the businessman in the family.

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