Parent Teacher Conference

Tonight was Joshua’s parent teacher conference. This was my 5th trip to the school today, so I walked close to 10 miles just going back and forth to his school today. I had my little notebook that I carry around to write down words to look up when I get home or phrases I hear so I can learn what people are saying. His teacher was very nice and although the entire hour was completely over my head in French, I was able to write down all the words that were written down around his classroom with the hope of helping him learn these words as I learn the words. I didn’t realize that there were different forms of cursive handwriting and it looks like Joshua will be learning the French cursive; not to worry though because once you get out of school you only use it to sign your name. I’ve accepted the fact that all paper is A4 paper, just slightly different from 8 ½ X 11; but I can’t figure out why all the notebook paper is either blank or graph and either has 2 holes punched or 4 holes punched. Hopefully the internet will be working tomorrow; it’s been 3 days since we’ve been online and I’m starting to go through facebook withdraw. I might make the hike to McDonald’s to use the only free Wi-Fi in Massy. (I just finished uploading them all and this place is packed on a Saturday night – We should have internet again on Wednesday.)

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  1. Pop-Pop says:

    David – I remember parent teacher conferences for you – do you?

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