Sharks Teeth

sharkstoothTwice a day the low tide washes up hidden treasures onto the shore and if you look really close at all the broken shells you might be able to find a fossilized sharks tooth or two; or so the article in the tourist magazine stated.  So when the low tide washed these fossilized treasures onto Paradise Island, also known as Carolina Beach NC, we set out on our quest to find these teeth. Our first time out we were a little late for the hunt, since there were already people walking up and down the beach with handfuls of fossilized gold. So we went out earlier next time and we weren’t having a successful hunt until a young girl decided to give all of the teeth that she had found to DeAnna since she wasn’t really looking for them but she had found them anyway.

I was very thankful to be given a free treasure. It was just as enjoyable to find one of the hidden treasures even though I didn’t even lose it in the first place – the shark lost it many years ago but I was able to experience the joy of finding something that I was looking for. Walking back to the room I thought about two parables about lost items, first the lost sheep and also the lost coin both in Luke 15. Today I spent several hours combing the sand in search of something. But it wasn’t through my own effort that I was able to find them but through the gift of a stranger. How much more thankful for the gift of eternal life; although I once was lost I now am found through the sacrificial gift who was willing to give His all to me.

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