Blueberry Patch Adventure

Today I found out about The Berry Patch and thought the boys would have fun picking some blueberries. So we drove to Cleveland MO to get some fresh blueberries to bring home to Mommy. It was a little hot, 104 degrees with the heat index according to the radio on the way there, but a little sweat never hurt us. We had our water and were ready to get to picking. We parked, and they told us that patches 11 and 12 were open. So we walked down the lane to find out where these patches were, the people that had done this before must have known that you could drive closer to the patches, silly me to think that parking meant the location where left your vehicle. But, we walked in anticipation of some delicious fresh blueberries right off the bush.

We finally made it to patch 9 and the buckets were there for us to tie around our waist, as we crossed over patches 9 and 10 to get to 11 the boys were able to find the mud that the previous day’s rain had created for them. I guess if the amount of mud that you get on your socks is any measure of how much fun you are having they were having a blast and we hadn’t picked one blueberry yet. As I showed them the color of blueberry to pick they watched which shade they should pick, the blue ones. Not the green or red ones. It didn’t take long until picking had become a contest to see who could pick the most, I did not win. We had finally sweated through all the clothes that we were wearing including our shoes, so we decided we had picked enough and went to pay. The grand total was 2.2 pounds; we paid our $6.50 and headed back to the van.

But there were some hay bales that were screaming play on me that we had to conquer before heading home. Before we left Jonah wanted to try one of his blueberries.  So, after I picked the big green worm out of his bad, not really sure how it got in there, he picked one out and decided he didn’t like it so he spit it out.

It was a exceptionally quiet ride home as two little boys slept the entire way after learning that being a professional berry picker would be hard work but was fun to do for an afternoon.

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2 Responses to Blueberry Patch Adventure

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Many years ago I remember Grandma Anderson taking her two grandchildren down the old railroad track to pick raspberries. It looks like Joshua and Jonah had just as much fun.

  2. andersondavidp says:

    I remember those days too. There was more shade around the railroad tracks though.

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