Fun at the pool

Today was a beautiful day and we thought we would take the kids to the pool this afternoon since we have a busy week planned. We wanted to make sure we did something fun for the kids, and what’s more fun than some ice cold water on a hot day. They also needed to make sure that their new goggles would not only work in the shower but also the pool.  Since this was the first time at the pool this year I noticed that there were some new rules along with some old rules.

  1. No running; they want to see how long you can handle the hot cement on your feet.
  2. No diving; at the 6 inch entry I don’t really see how you would get past your hands.
  3. No diapers; only special approved tinkle catchers that they sell now for $2, thankfully we no longer need these.
  4. No food outside the concession area; I’m glad we brought our own so we never had to go through the concession security I think our water was more than the authorized 3 ounces.
  5. No hand washing; I was privileged to make 6 trips to the restroom with the boys and after one of the trips I noticed a life guard, the guys with the red bathing suits and the shirt that says LIFEGUARD, walk out of the bathroom stall and use the hand dryer and walk out. No I didn’t miss anything; he walked out of the stall used the hand dryer and walked out. My only guess is he had too much hand sanitizer on his hand from the little red pouch they wear around their waste.

Swimming pool

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1 Response to Fun at the pool

  1. Pop Pop says:

    I think the water will be warmer at the PA pool when you arrive. (Of course, the pool is smaller). Take care – love the blog. It makes me feel like I am right there with you.

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