10 year Anniversary

Today is our 10 year anniversary and in case you haven’t heard my wife is still falling for me. After we walked down the aisle and headed off for the reception she was attacked by the rock path that we have determined was the cause of the fall, the path has yet to be punished but I haven’t given up hope that we will see justice for the fall.

As we look back we are excited to see how God has been so faithful to us and has always been there to pick us up when we fall.falling

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2 Responses to 10 year Anniversary

  1. Pop Pop says:

    I’ll never forget that day — and what a beautiful wedding. Your only goal was to make dad cry. It worked! We love you.

  2. Chris Turney says:

    My question is- who is the guy on the left side of the picture who is running away as poor DeAnna is falling?

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