When Joshua screams out in the middle of the night that he needs a drink of water that is really code that he is going to be throwing up in a few seconds so either you grab him and get him to the bathroom or you have a big mess and normally a really bad smell that lingers for a few days. I can’t figure out what makes that smell so bad since it never smells that bad when it first went in his mouth.

We’re not sure what he had we are guessing some kind of food poisoning since he never had a fever and he was up every few minutes in pain throughout the night grabbing his stomach, so we sat on the couch and I handed him the bowl whenever he flinched, one time he even commented on how quick I was able to get the bowl to him. He slept most of the afternoon and that seems to have helped him hold things down.

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  1. Pop Pop says:

    Joshua – we are praying for you. We love you.

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