Bendaroos disappointment

For those who have missed the commercials on Bendaroos count yourself blessed. But, if you allow your children to watch any cartoons I’m sure they have seen at least one commercial for these AMAZING FLEXIBLE BUILDING STICKS (their words not mine). I promised Jonah that if he would be a big boy and use the potty I would buy him something that he wanted, and he asked for Bendaroos. I knew they were too good to be true but he had to have them. Since he has starting using the potty we decided Bendaroos were a relatively inexpensive reward, so we went to the store to get them. We brought them home from the store and he couldn’t wait to play with them, unfortunately we must have purchased the broken pack since he was unable to make any of the shapes or do any of the things they did on TV, but they did stick to the wall for a few minutes.

So Jonah was able to learn two things that will be invaluable for the rest of his life.

  1. How to use the bathroom
  2. Commercials on TV bend the truth better than all the Bendaroos combined
Bendaroos Face

Bendaroos Face

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