Neat Receipts

It’s been a fun afternoon playing, I mean working diligently at converting our old documents, tax records and phone bills for some reason that we still have from 2001 to a more transportable size then the big banker boxes that are in the garage. If you haven’t seen neat receipts I highly recommend that you check it out, the scanner is highly portable and scans a sheet in just a few seconds. The software that comes with it is very user friendly and it evaluates the values on your receipts for filing.

I couldn’t think of anything fun to do with the huge trash bag of shredded documents, maybe a ticker tape parade down Addie Drive but I’m afraid the neighbors wouldn’t care for that so I’ll let the sanitation engineer have all the fun with the shredded documents.

Only a few more boxes to scan and we will be digitized or at least our old papers will be.

No more ticker tape parade

No more ticker tape parade

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