The Anderson’s House a.k.a. Movie Theater

The boys and I are on Spring Break from school.  With two boys always full of energy, I need to be creative in how to spend our days.  I thought back to the things we really enjoyed in the States.  Many things don’t exist here that are offered in the States, however, the boys always enjoyed the summer movie program where you could go to an older movie in the theater.  I decided to send out notice to all the parents with children roughly the same age that I would be offering a movie time on the two Thursday mornings during Spring Break.  Today was our first attempt and it was a success – 14 children total!  We watched a movie sent to us, Everyone’s Hero and I popped 5 batches of popcorn plus served carrot sticks.  Next week, we are showing Bolt.

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3 Responses to The Anderson’s House a.k.a. Movie Theater

  1. Carolyn says:

    It looks as though the kids were interested in the movie!

  2. Pop-Pop says:

    How cool! I know Joshua and Jonah like movies – I’m assuming all kids everywhere do.

  3. Adena says:

    You are a creative mommy!! Miss you here.

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