I’m losing my Marbles

I don’t understand the current fascination that has overtaken Joshua’s Elementary School. I thought the warmer weather would bring the soccer (football) out to the playground. But instead there is a much smaller ball that every child is carrying to school in their backpack or pocket. It appears that every child is playing marbles. I’m not sure if they made the game up or if this is the French version of the game. The game is played between two people and they start opposite of each other and slowly push their marble towards the other in attempt to bump the other persons marble and when they touch it they get to keep the other persons marble.

I went to 4 stores last Friday before I found one that actually had any in stock, 3 weeks ago I saw them everywhere.  I was hoping the fad would disappear but I had a little boy that kept asking, so I purchased some. I told Joshua he could take a few today and he had lost one before he even walked in the gate this morning in a quick match. I latter told him not to play against someone that was just using a round rock. We’ve (Joshua) lost 7 so far today.

We haven’t lost our minds, although sometimes I think I forget to take it to school with me. We are definitely losing our marbles.

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