Father’s Day

Joshua did an awesome job at putting some tears in daddy’s eyes and also managed to squeeze in a request to go to Worlds of Fun in his Father’s Day card this year. Jonah also did a great job of making a collage of pictures that daddy would like.

My Dad’s name is David

My Dad’s eyes are Brown

My Dad’s hair is Black

My Dad’s favorite color is Blue

I like it when my dad plays Games with me

I like to go to Worlds of Fun with him

At night I like it best when my dad gives me snacks

My dad thinks I’m special because he hugs me

My dad is the best at fix computers

My dad is strong when he moved a couch

My dad is special because he kiss me

Many thanks to Joshua’s Sunday school class for allowing him to make a Father’s Day Card. And I’m sure that Joshua is glad that I’m going to squeeze a trip to Worlds of Fun before leaving Missouri.

Front of Card

Father's Day Card

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1 Response to Father’s Day

  1. Pop Pop says:

    Worlds of Fun in Missouri – and Hersheypark in PA? Who knows what might be in store for your family when you come to PA. Safe travel! We love you.

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