Garage Sale – not a good reason to skip school

Joshua woke up today and said he didn’t want to go to school. At first we thought he was still sick but he couldn’t tell us what hurt, he just didn’t want to go to school. So DeAnna emailed his teacher and said he wouldn’t be there.

Then he said he wanted to stay home and help Mommy. We explained that if he could help he could go to school, so he put on the saddest face he could make. Then I told him that the garage sale was tomorrow so he decided he was OK to school, so that gave us 10 minutes to get ready and get to school, and since he is an Anderson male he knows exactly what time he needs to leave the house and we had already passed that time on the clock.

I took him to school and went in to tell his teacher that he would be there today and that he wasn’t sick he was just scared that mommy was going to sell his toys without going through his approval process first.

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