Recession hits Fazoli’s

I recall the days of long ago, at least 6 years ago but less than 10, that when you dined at Fazoli’s there was a special person that walked around the restaurant and did nothing but put more breadsticks on the plastic lid of your pasta dish. Then as time progressed the family was traveling back east and we saw the red tomato offering “cheap” kids meals, so we stopped. As we walked up I was looking forward to eating a dozen or so breadsticks before hitting the road again but I soon found out you were limited to only one refill. Tonight though it finally has become TOO MUCH! The bread engineer that was trained to know when you needed more butter-drenched-garlic breadsticks was nowhere to be found, I then saw the sign “All the breadsticks you want are at the counter [Dine in only].”

Hopefully they will be able to bring back the breadstick engineer before we forget how dining out at a fast food restaurant is suppose to be. So my suggestion is every time you dine at Fazoli’s you explain to them that you really miss the bread stick engineer.

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1 Response to Recession hits Fazoli’s

  1. Pop Pop says:

    I remember another incident at Fazoli’s – it was before you were married. I only assumed you were never eating there again???

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